Owning 2,022 jigsaw puzzles earns couple Guinness World Record

An Indiana couple earned a Guinness World Record for their collection of 2,022 jigsaw puzzles.

Carmel resident John Walczak and his wife, Kyle, started collecting jigsaw puzzles in 2019, and they soon found themselves addicted to buying, solving, selling and trading the puzzles.

“We did that first one and it was fun, so we decided to keep going,” Walczak told The Indianapolis Star.

Kyle Walczak explained the appeal of jigsaw puzzles: “It’s the little dopamine hit every time you place a piece, and, yeah, just to be able to switch your mind and lose yourself and whatever kind of image you’re trying to create.”

They now hold the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles at 2,022 items.

The couple said they use a spreadsheet to keep track of the puzzles they own and the ones they have solved.

The Walczaks said they enjoy competing in jigsaw puzzle competitions, although they rarely manage to finish fast enough to place.

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