North Korea’s Kim departs Pyongyang by private train bound for Russia: State media

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un left Pyongyang on Sunday afternoon for Russia on his private train, state media KCNA reported on Tuesday, confirming that he was on his way for rare a summit with President Vladimir Putin.

Kim was accompanied by top government officials, including military personnel, KCNA said.

Photos released by state media showed military honor guards and crowds of people in dark suits and colorful dresses waving flowers and flags as he boarded the dark green train, which is believed to be armored and carry other specialized equipment.

Kim’s trip to Russia and meeting with Putin will be a full-scale visit, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a video posted online.

According to Peskov, the main topic of the talks will be relations between the neighboring countries.

“We will continue to strengthen our friendship,” he said.

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