Neslihan Atagül cuts off her mom for Kadir Doğulu

 Neslihan Atagül cuts off her mom after her request to leave Kadir Doğulu.

Turkish media sites reported that Turkish actress Neslihan Atagül cut off her mother after she pressured her to leave her husband Kadir Doğulu.

This comes after recent cheating allegations against Kadir Doğulu who was spotted last week dancing intimately with an anonymous woman.

As per the Turkish newspaper, Taqweem, Atagül’s mom tried to take her daughter with her in hopes that her daughter would leave Doğulu, and a few days ago Turkish journalist Anwar Akai, claimed that there is a real crisis in the life of the Turkish couple and that they are discussing divorce, and Atagül’s mom is reportedly supporting the decision.

But divorce discussions turned out to be just rumors and the couple are not even thinking about it.

Turkish newspapers also re-shared a statement by the actress where she said that for her, Doğulu is closer to her than her mom and dad.

She said: “even the person who gave birth to me doesn’t understand me, and I continuously explain myself.”

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