Nassif Zeytoun Heavily Criticized and Branded a ‘Miss’ for Wearing an Anklet (Picture)

One day ago, Syrian songster Nassif Zeytoun shared a new picture with his 5 million followers on Instagram.

The Syrian handsome singer sported a black tracksuit and grey Yeezy Crocs as he looked away through the city’s skyline.

Zeytoun captioned the image with one of his favorite quotes; ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’

Although Nassif’s picture was great, but one particular thing angered some of his followers, it was the anklet he sported on his left leg.

Many followers were angered to see Zeytoun’s accessory, accusing him of imitating females.

One follower mocked him: “Sporting an anklet that is more beautiful than my neighbor’s,” and another commentator wrote: “Since when do men wear anklets?”

A third follower said: “Nice anklet, I advise you to wear makeup and earrings,” and another one asked: “Miss Nassif, what are you doing to yourself?”

In return, Nassif indirectly responded to those comments.

He tweeted: “The easiest thing in life is the beautiful word. Try it, it’s free.”

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