Murex D’or 2023 highlights: Myriam Fares, Mohamed Ramadan and more

The 20th edition of Murex D’or has been held at Casino du Liban, Lebanon, to reconginze the achievements of Lebanese and Arab stars

In this year, the ceremony has witnessed several events along with honoring celebrities for their artistic projects.

Myriam Fares heartfelt speech: I was broken and went through difficult circumstances

Lebanese star Myriam Fares received an award during the 2023 Murex D’or Awards ceremony, which was held in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Sunday evening, September 17.

Myriam Fares was honored with “the first Lebanese and Arab star to reach the international stage”.

Myriam Fares speech at Murex d'Or 2023

The Waheshni Eh star gave a heartfelt speech as she received the award. She said:

“It is nice for a person to be honored at a young age, and this honor sums up all twenty years of my journey because it is from my country, Lebanon. My first album and first song are twenty years old, and during the twenty years I focused, determined, and moved forward.”

She added: “When you are at your peak, you do not imagine that something could knock you down. I was broken and forced to bed for four years, and I reached a point where I would not be able to do the best thing in my life, which is theatre, and I assumed that I would not be able to sing or dance, but as strong as my will was and because of my love for my family was great, my art and talent were not stronger than my pain, so I stood up and resisted until my dream came true.”

Mohamed Ramadan and Nawal El Zoghbi end their feud

Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan and Lebanese songstress Nawal El Zoghbi have officially and publicly ended their dispute on Murex D’or stage last night.

The two stars exchanged handshakes and kisses on stage and in front of the audience, and Nawal joked that Ramadan had provoked her with his words, even though she “adores him.” In return, Mohamed Ramadan replied that no one could provoke her.

Mohamed Ramadan spoke about the incident when he was asked about the identity of the Lebanese artist whom he dreams of working and singing with. He replied: “She was not born yet,” pointing out that he did not mean to belittle any Lebanese female artist, but the word “dream of working with” had a great impact on his ear.

He said: “I love Lebanon and I love art from Lebanon. It is the country with the greatest taste for art. Whoever does not respect Lebanese art and Lebanese artists does not respect himself.”

Ramadan also confirmed that he loves Nawal El Zoghbi, and considers himself one of her millions of fans.

Nawal, in turn, expressed her love and respect for Mohamed Ramadan, saying: “I love you so much, you are a great artist.”

Nicolas Mouawad puts on a bizarre outfit

Lebanese actor Nicolas Moawad surprised the audience with his appearance and the bright colors he chose to wear for the evening.

The star picked a shining multi color pantsuit designed by Georges Hobeika and picked an earring as an accessory.

Nicolas’s choice was even compared to that of Mohamed Ramadan, who is always known for wearing edgy and unusual fashion.

Nicolas Mouawad and mohamed ramadan bizarre outfits in Murex d'Or

Şevval Sam sings “Ya Qamar, Ana Wayyak” by Fairouz during her honor at the Murex D’or

Turkish singer and actress Şevval Sam has received the “Outstanding Turkish Actress” award during the 20th edition of Murex D’or.

After she received the award, she performed an Arabic song by Fairouz “Ya Qamar, Ana Wayyak” (translated to: Oh moon, I’m with you), and went viral on social media.

The Turkish star’s appearance was also hailed by followers, as she dazzled in classic gown by Turkish designer Tarik Ediz.

Turkish artist Şevval Sam attends Murex d'Or

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