Murat Dalkılıç Unfollows Ex Hande Erçel on Instagram.. Is It Because He’s Dating Actress Melis Sezen?

Rumor has it that Murat Dalkılıç is dating Melis Sezen.

According to Turkish celebrity social media pages, Turkish singer Murat Dalkılıç has started dating a new woman five months after breaking up with actress Hande Erçel.

It’s been reported that Murat is dating the star of Sadakatsiz ‘Unfaithful’ Turkish actress Melis Sezen.

What reinforced these rumors was when Murat Dalkılıç unfollowed ex Hande Erçel on Instagram two days.

Many have been shocked of Dalkılıç’s step, especially since Hande is still following him, in addition to the amicable friendship the former couple insist on having.

Despite of the many pictures that bring Murat and Melis together, the latter denied the reports that says they are romantically involved.

Previously, it’s been reported that Murat Dalkılıç was dating national volleyball player Derya Çayırgan, but soon after he denied the news.

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