Motaz Azaiza responds to Debra Messing

Palestinian Photojournalist Motaz Azaiza responded to American actress Debra Messing amid mocking him for leaving Gaza after suffering the loss of many loved ones and enduring more than 100 days of ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza.

According to Mint Press, the photojournalist said “Who?” firing back at the actress after she mocked him for evacuating a horrifying war zone. It’s a simple yet effective response, one user on Instagram said “No one would leave their homeland unless they were forced to.”

Motaz Azaiza announced evacuating the Gaza Strip after 107 grueling days of suffering and documenting what happened there. The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza resulted in the killing of more than 25,000 Palestinians with a big percentage being children by the time of writing this article.

Motaz won’t stop talking about his homeland event after evacuating!

The journalist currently resides in Qatar after evacuating and has already done an interview with the Qatari news outlet, Al Jazeera about Gaza and Palestine.

Motaz Azaiza responds to Debra Messing

Here’s what some users had to say about the matter on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter):

“LMFAO yes Motaz is more followed than her and Biden.”

“She’s just using his name to get famous cause no one cares about her. I literally had to look up who she was. Desperate for her 15 mins of fame.”

“Motaz ate and left no crumbs.”

One user went on to say that Motaz currently has more followers than both Debra Messing and US-president Joe Biden on Instagram for documenting the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza which is one hell of a milestone as he garnered over 18 million followers.

A brief on what’s been happening In Gaza since October 7

Motaz Azaiza

Hamas announced on Oct. 7 a military operation called “Al-Aqsa Flood” against Israel making it the biggest offensive by the group in decades.

Palestinian fighters “infiltrated” Israel from the Gaza Strip, captured military bases and took hostages as photos and videos went viral online showing Hamas fighters on vehicles inside Israel. On the other hand, others were seen paragliding into occupation territory.

In response, Israeli armed forces announced targeting Hamas positions inside the Gaza Strip. Thousands were killed, and dozens of thousands of others were injured in the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Since October 7, more than 25,000 have been killed by Israeli airstrikes across the besieged strip, more than half of whom are children and women, the Ministry of Health reported. Additionally, more than 60,000 Gazans have been injured, with injuries varying between mild and severe.

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