Moroccan avoid sleeping in their homes due to fear of another earthquake

The devastating earthquake that struck Morocco had profound and immediate consequences for its residents. As the tremors shook the ground, fear and panic gripped the population, compelling many to seek refuge in the open streets. 

In the chaotic aftermath, video footage captured the sight of people pouring out into the thoroughfares mere moments after the disaster unfolded.

The situation was dire enough that, tragically, numerous residents were left with no other option but to spend the night outdoors.

The unsettling scenes of people bedding down in the streets underscored the widespread unease and uncertainty that had enveloped the affected regions.

MoroccanMorocco Earthquake Morocco Earthquake

The earthquake, as reported by the Moroccan Scientific and Technical Research Center (or measured at 6.8 on the Richter scale by the United States Geological Survey), registered a staggering magnitude of 7.

The human toll of the earthquake was devastating. In a preliminary and tentative assessment, the disaster claimed the lives of 2,012 people and left 2,059 individuals injured, with 1,404 of them in critical condition.

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