Mohamed Ramadan SCREAMING to Arabs: “Take out your weapons and go to war”! (video)

Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, has caused an uproar among social media users after a video he published in which he talked about the weapons of Arab countries and commenting on the situation of Gaza.

Mohamed Ramadan lends his voice to Palestine

Mohamed Ramadan said in the video that he posted on his pages on social media platforms: “May God give patience to the families of the martyrs and grant them stability and near victory.”

Then he asked social media followers: “The amount of messages I received asking me to post something and or them saying ‘we want our voice to be heard’, to whom will it be heard?”

Ramadan then asked another question: “For whom do you want our voice to be heard outside our country?”

Adding: “Our voice should reach our country. Our country has armies and weapons, and we buy weapons, tanks, planes, and we buy them until they rust and get thrown away, and then we buy others, but when will we use them?”

He added: “Who do you want our voice to reach outside our country? Who do we need from the outside to defend us? This is the highest level of cowardice and lack of manhood when we say that we want to write in English so that they know that we are being attacked.”

Mohamed Ramadan then asked people: “Where are you? Where is your country and where is your army?”

The Egyptian star then makes a bold statement:

“Make sure your voice reach your government. Tell your government to take out its weapons and go to war.. Who will defend an Arab like you? Please say sensible words.”

Mohamed Ramadan’s statements come at a time when the war between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas continues after the operation that the latter carried out inside Israel on the seventh of this month and called it “Al-Aqsa Flood” and Israel is responding by targeting armless civilians and wiping off families from the registry in Gaza Strip.

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