MBS holds phone calls with regional leaders to address Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held separate phone calls on Monday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

In his conversation with Abbas, MBS expressed deep concern over the worsening conditions in Gaza, which pose a significant threat to both civilians and the overall security and stability of the region.

According to SPA, the two leaders emphasized the importance of adhering to international humanitarian law and avoiding the targeting of civilians.

The Crown Prince reiterated the Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to supporting the Palestinian people in their pursuit of legitimate rights, a dignified life, and the achievement of a just and lasting peace.

During his talks with King Abdullah II, the Saudi leader discussed the urgent need to intensify international and regional efforts to halt the ongoing escalation in Gaza and prevent its further spread in the region. The leaders underscored their joint commitment to a just and lasting peace in the region.

In a separate phone call with al-Sisi, MBS emphasized the pressing need for increased international and regional cooperation to address the Gaza crisis effectively. Both leaders shared their commitment to supporting the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, hopes, and aspirations, while also striving for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

Throughout these conversations, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince demonstrated the Kingdom’s dedication to working closely with international and regional parties to bring an end to the escalating crisis in Gaza, SPA reported.

Hamas militants stormed towns and communities in southern Israel at dawn on Saturday under the cover of a barrage of rocket fire, in the deadliest attack on the country in decades.

Israel has retaliated by carrying out intense air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which is governed by Hamas.

Over 1,000 people have been killed on both sides since Hamas launched its attack on Saturday.

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