MBC’s Shahid OTT platform announces expansion of advertising solutions for brands

Shahid, the leading video streaming platform in the Middle East, announced an expansion of its advertising solutions on Wednesday.

Often dubbed the Netflix of the Middle East, the Shahid video of demand (VOD) service will offer brands targeted and tailor-made advertisement formats.

More than 86 percent of the content on Shahid is free to watch, supported by advertising. A majority of Shahid’s Ramadan 2024 content this year will be available on AVOD for viewers to enjoy for free.

Among the new offerings is the Ramadan Timer ad format, which will allow brands to sponsor an Iftar and Imsak timer on the platforms’ home and show pages for the duration of the holy month.

Another solution is the branded collection offering, enabling clients to sponsor curated content on Shahid for a category of titles on the homepage.

The QR code feature was also introduced for hero and pause banners. This new feature directs audiences to brands’ websites or online stores.

“Our latest ad solutions are designed to enable brands to establish meaningful connections with their audiences across all devices and in a brand safe environment. We hope to continue advancing in the AVOD frontier, connecting brands with their audiences seamlessly wherever they watch,” Ahmed Al Sahhaf, CEO of MBC Media Solutions (MMS) said in a statement.

MMS is the in-house commercial advertising and sales unit launched in 2020 in partnership between MBC Group and Saudi Media Company.

“We’re not just rolling out new ad formats; we’re orchestrating seamless connections with audiences across all platforms, ensuring brands engage with viewers throughout their entire viewing experience. This is merely the beginning; we’re committed to continuously enhancing our services, setting industry benchmarks, and pioneering new solutions to stay ahead of the curve,” Jad Saab, Shahid’s Growth Lead at MMS, said.

The Shahid platform is owned by the MBC Group and offers exclusive Shahid Originals, Shahid Premieres, Arabic movies fresh off the box-office, live TV channels, and more.

In 2022, Emirates airline partnered with the Shahid streaming platform to offer over 135 hours of premium on-demand content in the flight cabin’s entertainment system.

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