Maritta Al-Hallani ties the knot in civil marriage

Maritta Al-Hallani, the daughter of the Lebanese singer Assi Al-Hallani, celebrated her wedding to Kamil Abi Khalil yesterday, in the presence of family and friends.

Maritta shared a photo from the wedding on her Instagram account, wearing a simple white dress and comment: “Happily Married.”

She celebrated her engagement in February of the same year. Kamil Abi Khalil earlier proposed to the Lebanese singer and actress in a “romantic way” in Paris, France.

The newlyweds shared the good news via a sweet Instagram post this afternoon.

Marita appeared in a stylish and elegant classic look by Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab. She chose a white jumpsuit that stood out with its long sleeves open on the sides.

What Is Civil Marriage?

It is a legal civil, non-religious contract between two consenting adults that establishes a marital relationship according to the laws of the civil state.

This marriage is documented in the courts of the state that apply the law and constitution, involving individuals registered in its civil registry or residents therein.

The term “civil” in civil marriage refers to the abandonment of religious regulations governing religious marriages.

This means that civil marriage is based on civil law rather than religious law, and the religious boundaries of religious marriages, such as the religion of the spouses, the presence of the wife’s guardian, or the impossibility of divorce, are not applicable.

Disputes arising from civil marriages are addressed in civil courts, not religious courts.

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