Madonna does Wednesday viral dance

Queen of Pop just hopped on the viral Wednesday Addams dance to Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary hit song. 

Madonna, 64, donned a sheer corset and black pants and showed off her cleavage in a new video as she did the viral TikTok Wednesday dance.

In the clip, Madonna danced while she was in the doorway of her kitchen.

Bloody Mary became a hit song almost 12 years after its release due to the Netflix show, Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega.

The viral dance was originally performed by Ortega in the series Wednesday, however, in the series, a different song was featured, Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps.

Instead of Goo Goo Muck going viral, Gaga’s Bloody Mary was used in videos shared on TikTok.

Earlier, Ortega revealed that she choreographed the dance on her own and that it only took two days to be ready.

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