Kim Kardashian’s shroud-like Christmas gifts spark controversy

43-year-old Kardashian star showcased a collection of gifts under one of her many Christmas trees on Instagram last Friday, revealing that all were wrapped using white Skims fabric. However, some perceived it as mockery in the shrouds of Gaza’s martyrs.

Kardashian explained, ‘When everyone opens them, I’ll take the fabric and reuse it in things I make for my family.’ She emphasized, ‘So, I thought it was a fun and really great way to get something you can use over and over again.’

Kardashian faced a severe backlash on her Instagram post, all gathered under the title ‘This is not a coincidence,’ particularly after Zara’s controversial ad, as some described it.

In one of the photos shared on Zara’s Instagram account, a model was seen wearing a piece from Zara’s new collection amidst the rubble. In another image, a Zara model was seen holding a model covered in a white plastic cover, criticized by many Palestinian supporters who said the famous fashion house was ‘mocking’ the killing of Palestinians.

After the intense reaction, Zara deleted some of the photos from its Instagram account, which boasts over 62 million followers.”

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