Israeli army says Hezbollah commander killed

  • Hezbollah confirms death of Ismail Ali al-Zein, who Israel says was commander of the group’s anti-tank missile unit, after Israeli army bombs car in south Lebanon village of Kounine.
  • Hama’s Osama Hamdan has denied reports that a new round of ceasefire negotiations will begin soon, saying that Israel refuses to answer groups demands.

    Hundreds on the streets of Marseille in support of Palestinians in Gaza

    Video posted by French newspaper La Marseillaise shows demonstrations calling for an end to Israel’s war on Gaza on the streets of the city.

    The newspaper’s post says that these protests have been ongoing every weekend since the outbreak of the war in October.

    • Fatah denounces Netanyahu’s statement on invading Rafah

      Abdel-Fatah Doleh, a spokesman for the group, has said that Israeli PM Netanyahu’s determination to see the Israeli military invade Rafah shows Israel’s “insistence on continuing the massacres against our people, and disregard for international law and decisions that have called for an immediate ceasefire”.

      Earlier, we reported that the Israeli prime minister indicated during a news conference that he is refusing to give in on invading the southern Gaza city.

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