Israel-Palestine news: Rocket fire after Gaza bombed

A barrage of rockets has been fired from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israel after the Israeli forces renewed air raids on the besieged territory.
At least two Palestinians were killed in the latest air attacks, bringing the death toll in two days of Israeli bombardment to 20, including children, and at least 42 wounded, Palestinian health officials say.Israeli bombardment on Gaza still ‘very intense’: AJ correspondent
Al Jazeera’s Youmna El Sayed, reporting from Gaza, said the launching of rockets by Israel into Gaza is “very intense, it’s still a lot”.

The latest strikes targeted Beit Lahya in northern Gaza, and parts of western Gaza, El Sayed said.

Ambulances have rushed to the locations as local sources reported injuries, she added.

Meanwhile, none of the Palestinian groups have claimed responsibility for the rockets being fired from Gaza.

The joint chamber for Palestinian factions have said the launching of rockets from the enclave is a “response to the Israeli occupation’s attack on the Gaza Strip,” El Sayed said.Continuation of Gaza bombardment depends on Hamas’ involvement: AJ correspondent
Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Jamjoom, reporting from West Jerusalem, said the current wave of strikes on Gaza is expected to last approximately “three or four days”.

“But, that is contingent upon whether or not Hamas is involved,” Jamjoom said, referring to the group that governs the Gaza Strip.

“We’re hearing Israeli army spokespeople say that according to their intel, Hamas is not involved in any rocket fire being launched from Gaza into parts of Israel,” he said.

“Israel has continued to warn Hamas not to get involved in any kind of escalation,” Jamjoom said. “If Hamas were to get involved … it has a potential to last much longer.”More than 100 rockets fired from Gaza: AJ correspondent
Reporting from Ashkelon in southern Israel – some six kilometres north of the besieged Gaza Strip – Al Jazeera’s Willem Marx said rocket fire from the enclave has continued “pretty much uninterrupted”.

“Every few minutes, there’s been a separate barrage probably for the last three hours or so,” Marx said.

“We’ve heard from the Israeli government radio specifically that more than 100 rockets have now been fired,” he said. “The vast majority though, the government has said, have landed in the southern region”.

The consequences of those rockets are so far “minimal”, he said, adding that there have been no reports of major casualties.Death toll from two days of Israeli bombardment on Gaza reaches 17
At least two Palestinian were killed in Israeli air attacks on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, said Palestinian health officials.

The latest victims bring the death toll in two days of Israeli bombardment to 17, including children, Palestinian health officials said. At least 37 others have been wounded.Hamas says Palestinian resistance response ‘unified’
Mosheer al-Masri, a senior member of Hamas, told Al Jazeera that the Palestinian response to Israeli air raids on Gaza was “a reflection of the resistance’s covenant with its people and martyrs.

“Its hand [the resistance’s] is unified,” he said, adding that “the door of reckoning with the Israeli occupation was still wide open.”

Hamas is among the factions of the Joint Room, but they have not announced their individual participation in the rocket fire.

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