Israel ‘consistently, groundlessly’ blocked aid

  • Israel has “consistently and groundlessly” blocked aid operations for Gaza even as the enclave falls deeper into famine, according to a new report based on interviews with government officials, humanitarian workers, and NGO staff.
  • Calls to allow more aid into the Gaza Strip grow louder as health officials report 20 people in total have now died from malnutrition and dehydration.

    Report debunks Israel’s claims to ICJ it facilitates aid delivery to Gaza

    The provisional measures issued on January 26 by the ICJ ordering Israel to facilitate the flow of aid in Gaza to avert the possibility of genocide are not being fulfilled, a report by Refugees International has found, despite Israel’s claims to the contrary.

    Claim: In its defence to the ICJ, Israel argued it has actively eliminated bottlenecks and improved the entrance and distribution of aid in Gaza.

    The report revealed that Israeli authorities have “erected unnecessary hurdles, complicated logistical processes, and an unpredictable vetting system, rendering the inspection regime overwhelmingly burdensome with layers of bureaucracy and inspection and limited working hours”.

    Claim: Israel claimed that it expanded capacity for aid delivery to Gaza.

    The average number of trucks delivered in February fell by 50 percent compared with the previous month, according to UN data cited in the report. Critical crossings like the northern Erez and Al-Muntar [known as Karni to Israelis] remain closed, impeding access to the north of Gaza.

    Claim: Israel argued that it facilitated access to water, medical supplies and evacuations, fuel delivery and logistics.

    While Israel has allowed a “very limited flow of aid to enter the territory, the report said this must be assessed in the full context of a clear pattern of wider obstruction of relief deliveries to Gaza, and its conduct of military operations that systematically obstruct effective humanitarian action within Gaza”.

    What to know about Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

    At least three crew members were killed in a Houthi missile attack on a merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden, according to the US military, marking the first deaths since the group began its attacks in one of the world’s busiest sea lanes.

    But why are the Houthis attacking vessels in the Red Sea and what is the impact?

    • Since November 19, the Houthis have carried out at least 45 attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, pushing major shipping firms to abandon the route.
    • The Houthis claim they are targeting Israel-linked vessels following Israel’s war on Gaza.
    • After the UK and US carried out deadly retaliatory strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen, the Houthis expanded their attacks to US and UK vessels.
    • The Houthis said the latest attack came after the passing merchant ship ignored its warning messages. They promised to continue their attacks until “Israeli aggression” ends in Gaza.

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