Is NATO punishing the Kingdom of Sweden after burning the Qur’an out of consideration for the feelings of its Muslim friends?

The Swedish turning a blind eye to the crime of burning the Holy Qur’an, which was carried out by the leader of the Danish “hard line” party, Rasmus Paludan, in front of the Turkish embassy, indicates its approval and approval of this crime, as evidenced by the guards it provided to him to prevent any objection to this heinous act.
It is certain that the reputation of the Swedish state in front of the Islamic world is at rock bottom, as Sweden used to organize such events as an expression of freedom and opinion, despite the punishment of Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries on whose lands these actions were practiced through a popular boycott of the goods of those countries. They were not organized operations by governments, but rather by the Islamic street, its unions, organizations, and merchants.
It is more useful for Arab governments to defend formally and categorically and to take a firm stand in the process of punishing Sweden for its disrespect of the Islamic religion, bearing in mind that the majority of Islamic countries, if not all, base their constitutions and laws on Islamic law, meaning that they are not isolated from daily dealings with Islamic law. .
It is remarkable that NATO stood silent in the face of this crime and did not come out except with shy individual statements only condemning this act and did not take real and tangible steps to condemn it, at least in order to take into account the feelings of its Muslim friends, knowing that there are strategic alliances linking it with them, but on the contrary it is still working on Embracing Sweden in its ranks and giving it more advantages.
For reference, NATO countries participate with the Arab countries in non-organizations and alliances, including the so-called “Mediterranean Dialogues”, which includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Mauritania, in addition to the “Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI)” in force since 2004 for NATO, in which countries participate Arab countries such as the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. These countries are supposed to prove their position and impose their final say in demanding European countries and NATO countries to punish Sweden, reprimand it at the very least, and expel it from the ranks of countries seeking to join NATO.

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