Iran points at Israeli-linked group as cyberattack disrupts fuel network

A cyberattack has disrupted services at around 70 percent of Iran’s fuel stations, according to reports.

The Israel-linked group Predatory Sparrow, or Gonjeshke Darande in Persian, claimed on Monday it was behind the disruption, according to Iranian state TV. Israel media outlets also reported the claim.

“This cyberattack was carried out in a controlled manner to avoid potential damage to emergency services,” Predatory Sparrow said in its statement quoted by the Iranian media.

A statement on the attack was shared from a new account with the group’s name opened in early December on X.

Iran’s civil defence agency, which is responsible for the country’s cybersecurity, said it was still considering all possible causes for the disruptions as it investigated.

Iranian state media added that the hacker group has in the past claimed cyberattacks against Iranian petrol stations, rail networks and steel factories.

The fuel outages are the first such incident since 2021, when a major cyberattack in Iran disrupted the sale of fuel, causing long queues at stations across the country.

Pump prices in Iran are heavily subsidised. Iran accused Israel and the United States of being behind those attacks.

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