Iran expels four Azeri diplomats amid ongoing tensions

Iran has expelled four Azeri diplomats amid ongoing tensions with neighboring Azerbaijan, Iranian media reported on Friday.

Iran’s semi-official news outlets did not provide details except to say that the four had been working in Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran and its consulate in the northwestern city of Tabriz.

Last month, Azerbaijan expelled four Iranian diplomats from Baku.

Relations between Tehran and Baku, long chilly, soured further after a gunman in January stormed Azerbaijan’s embassy in Iran’s capital, killing its security chief and wounding two guards.

Azerbaijan accuses Iran of supporting extremists who tried to overthrow the government in Baku, a charge Tehran denies.

Relations between the two also are tense because Azerbaijan in March opened an embassy in Israel. Iran has repeatedly opposed improving relations between Azerbaijan and Israel.
Iran and Israel see each other as archenemies.

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