Insects found Inside Noodles (Video)

The video captures the discovery of insects inside a batch of noodles, highlighting an unexpected and concerning revelation. As the footage unfolds, it exposes the presence of insects within the noodles, raising questions about the quality and hygiene of the food product.

The specialist engages in the process of handling the noodles, tearing them into smaller fragments, and meticulously placing them on a microscope slide.

As the video unfolds, it reveals the presence of minute entities and microscopic organisms, imperceptible to the naked eye, in motion within the noodles.

This unsettling revelation prompted a concerned citizen to seek answers from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

The inquirer raised questions about the authenticity of the video, expressing apprehension about the possibility of such incidents occurring and reaching the consumer markets.

A user on the “X” platform shared the video, claiming it to depict an individual examining instant noodles under a microscope, leading to a shocking discovery.

Seeking clarification, the publisher directly addressed the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, conveying their unease and posing the question, “Is what has been published real? Could such incidents occur and reach our markets? Because, frankly, the video disturbed me.”

Responding to the inquiry, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority state on “Greetings, The Food and Drug Authority ensures that imported or internally manufactured food products comply with the technical regulations and specifications that guarantee their safety and security for human consumption.”

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