Indian farmers protest at Maharashtra government headquarters in Mumbai

A protest by farmers in the Indian state of Maharashtra unfolded at the state’s administrative headquarters (Mantralaya) when demonstrators scaled a safety net on the first floor. 

The farmers were demanding increased compensation for those impacted by the Upper Vardha Dam from Morshi in Amaravati. The tense scene erupted as impassioned farmers reverberated through the building, chanting slogans and displaying placards.

Responding to the situation, the Mumbai Police detained over 40 demonstrators, escorting them to the Marine Drive police station.

The farmers crowded the Mantralaya building with their posters and placards. Many were photographed sitting midair or walking along the netted area, powerfully highlighting their plight.

The Prime Minister of the Maharashtra state, Eknath Shendi, has promised to address the protesters’ demands and resolve their issues within a span of 15 days. State Minister, Dadaji Bhuse, engaged in a dialogue with the protesting farmers within the Mantralaya premises, aiming to address their concerns.

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