Hermès apologizes to Haifa Wehbe, sparks controversy

 Renowned luxury brand Hermès recently found itself at the center of attention as Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe voiced her concerns regarding the treatment she received at one of its Parisian branches.

Haifa, through a post on Instagram’s story feature, highlighted what she perceived as subpar treatment from the staff at Hermès’ Paris branch. Her critique prompted the luxury fashion house to extend an apology in a unique manner.

In response to Wehbe’s criticism, Hermès took a distinctive approach to address the issue. Rather than issuing a traditional statement or apology, the company opted for a more personalized gesture.

Haifa shared with her followers that Hermès had reached out to her with a series of gifts, a move seen as an attempt to mend the strained relationship. Among the gifts were a bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a note bearing the Hermès logo, indicating a gesture of reconciliation.

Through her Instagram story, Wehbe not only highlighted the gifts she received but also showcased a small bag given to her by Hermès.

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