Hatred against refugees behind Texas accident

Attacks on civilians have recently escalated in the United States, despite the fact that their real reasons were not revealed, it was said that the targets of some of them were related to hatred against refugees, minorities, immigrants, or foreigners.

On Sunday, at least seven people were killed, and several others were injured, when a car ran over a group of people who were waiting sitting on the sidewalk at a bus stop near an immigrant assistance center in southern Texas.

It was alleged that hatred against refugees/ immigrants was behind the accident.

While the causes of the accident are still unknown, and the U.S. authorities have not yet announced whether the accident was intentional or if the driver merely lost control of his vehicle, news spread that all the victims were “Venezuelan immigrants”.

International media outlets quoted one of the witnesses as saying that the driver insulted the group before he sped up and ran them with his car.

The location of the incident, which is near an immigrant assistance center, was reported to be playing a major role in the escalation of allegations.

A horrific video documented that tragedy, showing a car speeding towards a number of people who were sitting on one of the sidewalks in the place.

The authorities are still treating the incident for the time being as “unintentional”. The driver is still in the hospital for treatment under heavy guard, while investigations are still ongoing.

The tragedy comes in a time where the U.S. authorities prepare to lift a federal policy on immigrants that was imposed under former President Donald Trump and allows Border Patrol officers to deport immigrants without even accepting their asylum applications.

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