Gönül Dağı is coming back for a fourth season

The fourth season of Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain), which drew a lot of attention when it first aired on TRT 1 three seasons ago, quickly grew in popularity and smashed ratings records.

Premiering on Saturday, September 9, at 20:00. The Gönül Da series has had a fresh start with a rewritten story and the inclusion of new actors to the cast. Eight years later, we begin the fourth season of the series.

The colorful adventures of Uncle’s sons’ school-age children will keep the audience entertained in the new season. With its fresh performers, great cast, and a sincere storyline that strongly impacts the audience, Gönül Dağı will once again gain praise from critics and increase its success rate this season.

During the summer, the ratings of television programs broadcast on television screens remained in the triple digits. Many television shows were aired, but only one or two stood out in the ratings. However, the dismal summer ratings demonstrated how far away the audience was from television.

Gönül Da series officially proclaimed the end of the summer season on television with the first episode of the fourth season, which received 7 rating levels. Gönül Dağı series started the new season like a bomb with 7 ratings, which is proof that the audience is returning to the screen again.

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