Gal Gadot to host private screening of IDF footage

Alongside  Israeli director Guy Nattiv, actress Gal Gadot will be hosting a private event to display a 47-minute alleged uncensored footage provided by the Israeli military of the Hamas surprise attack on Israel on October 7.

According to reports, this week in Los Angeles and New York, a 47-minute movie provided by the Israeli Forces will be shown to a limited group of well-known figures and celebrities. About 120 people will reportedly attend the initial screening.

Director Guy Nattiv, who spearheaded the initiative, confirmed to i24 that Gadot and her husband “helped make this possible”.

The alleged footage would show a record of what they claim to be “Hamas attacks on civilians” on October 7, killing around 1400 Israelis and kidnapping approximately 240 hostages.

Nattiv told i24 “As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten, and the world would see them”.

The audience had other opinions as some deemed Gadot’s move as hypocritical and flexing her Hollywood connections.

One said: “Also, show the footage of how she managed to bag the Wonder Woman role by calling every other actress anti-Semitic. Awful, untalented actor

One also said: “When propaganda is failing, they must redouble their efforts rather than access the root cause… the root cause is no one believes Israel’s lies anymore“.

Another comment even called for boycotting all celebrities who attend Gadot’s screening event.

One comment said: “I would actually really like to watch it. To understand what’s in the minds of Israelis to feel such an existential threat from people whose lands they have stolen since 1967“.

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