Franck Namani’s Website Crashes Because of Mohammed bin Salman’s $7,500 Vest (Pictures)

Crown Prince in style!

Yesterday, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has chaired Public Investment Fund meeting where he approved a five-year strategy for the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund.

Not only the outcome of the summit has caught the public’s attention, as MBS’s fashion choice was also trending on social media.

The Crown Prince sported a hazel vest and coordinated it with a dark grey thawb and printed shemagh.

The modern style has been widely adored by Saudis and Khaliji people as they started searching for the desginer and price behind this number, even Kuwaiti journalist Hamad Qalam tweeted about it.

After a thorough research, social media users were able to spot the designer of the vest. It was Franck Namani and it was priced at $7,405.

According to some tweeps, the designer’s website has crashed as a huge number of Khaliji men were trying to access the designer’s online shop to order MBS’s vest, while others confirmed that it was sold out.


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