Four killed in Beirut drone attack – state media

  • Drone attack on Hamas office in Beirut kills four people, according to Lebanon’s state news agency.
  • The Palestinian Red Crescent said an Israeli army strike on its Khan Younis headquarters has killed at least five displaced Palestinians.
  • Top Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri killed in Beirut attack: Hezbollah media

    Al-Manar is reporting that al-Arouri was the target of the drone attack in southern Beirut.

    The Lebanese al-Mayadeen channel has also reported that al-Arouri has been killed, and Reuters has reported the deputy Hamas politburo leader was the target, citing three security sources.

    Explosion in Beirut’s Hezbollah stronghold caused casualties, but many unknowns remain

    The area [of the explosion] is Beirut’s southern suburb, the area of Mouawad, and it’s, of course, known to be an area where Hezbollah is active, also the Palestinian groups are active; Hamas has its own offices there. And according to our sources, there could be an assassination attempt. Now, we don’t have any real information, any solid information on who might be the target.

    But what we know is that there are casualties. People over there are confirming there are casualties.

    This is a kind of turning point. If this was a drone attack in Beirut’s southern suburb, this is taking the whole situation into a new dimension, given the fact that there is already a war being fought for the past three months.

    In case this is a drone attack, then we are going probably to see a serious escalation especially here on the border, and there is going to be retaliation.

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