First Saudi woman work in Hajana from ministry of interior

 A video capturing the inaugural presence of a Saudi girl riding a camel as part of the Hajana Unit, associated with the Saudi Ministry of Interior, surfaced during the  Saudi Founding Day 2024 in the Kingdom. 

The video, shared by the Saudi Ministry of Interior on its official social media platforms, prompted considerable engagement. Many users disseminated the video, showcasing the girl’s debut representing the Hajana in the Kingdom

The Saudi Hajana, operating under the Passports sector of the Ministry of Interior, have been chosen to join the Hajana Unit established in Diriyah province on the anniversary of the founding day.

This unit, according to the Ministry, aims to honor heritage and coincide with the Year of the Camel 2024, while also upholding their historical role in maintaining border security during the establishment of the Saudi state.

Collaborating with other security patrols, the Hajana Unit will work to maintain security in Diriyah province.

Named after their mode of transportation, the “Hajin” camel, known for its endurance and speed, these units were originally tasked with protecting the kingdom’s borders nearly nine decades ago during the unification of Saudi Arabia.

The Hajana have officially returned after their absence, with Saudi Arabia’s decision to establish the Royal Hawks in 2020, coinciding with a significant focus on developing the camel sector.

The Royal Hawks have been assigned four primary duties: participating in official receptions for the king and crown prince’s guests, engaging in national festivals sponsored by the royal family, showcasing Saudi heritage specific to the Hajana, and representing the kingdom in both local and international camel and falcon festivals as needed.

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