EU proposes sanctioning North Korea for sending Russia missiles

The European Union has proposed sanctions on North Korea for providing Russia with missiles used against Ukraine, according to documents seen by Bloomberg.

The bloc has proposed listing North Korea’s defense minister and the Missile General Bureau, the government body that oversees the nation’s ballistic missile program.

“Ballistic missiles designed, developed and produced” by North Korea have been used against Ukraine by Russian armed forces, the document says.

North Korea has also provided Russia with hundreds of thousands of rounds of artillery ammunition. Thanks to that support, as well as Moscow’s ability to source restricted parts through third countries, Russia has been able to ramp up its production of ammunition well beyond what Ukraine gets from its allies.

The effect of potential measures against North Korea, which include a travel ban and asset freeze, is likely to be mostly symbolic. The proposed sanctions, which need the backing of all member states to be adopted and could change before then, include listing dozens of individuals and entities involved in producing and sourcing weapons as well as components and machines needed to build them. The measures also look to target several Russian officials.

The bloc has also proposed export restrictions on companies in China and India for the first time over their alleged role in supplying Russia with banned technologies and electronics, Bloomberg previously reported.

The EU is aiming to approve the sanctions package, which would be its 13th since Russia invaded Ukraine, by the second anniversary of the war later this month.

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