Eight killed in Israeli strikes on central Gaza

  • Eight Palestinians killed in Israeli army strikes on homes in the al-Zawaida and Dier el-Balah refugee camps, with dozens more wounded.
  • Hamas political chief says the “resistance will not agree to anything less” than a lasting ceasefire, troop withdrawal, and end to the “total siege” of Gaza.

    Girl, 8, dies of starvation and dehydration: Watchdog

    The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor says it has documented the case of a young girl named Hanin Jum’aa in northern Gaza, who died from starvation.

    Her father, Saleh, said Hanin, who was calcium deficient, complained she was hungry the night before she died.

    In the pre-dawn hours, he said, she seemed unwell, “like she was on the verge of death”, so he used a donkey cart – no cars were available – to take her to a hospital “where the doctor told me she died of starvation and dehydration”.


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