Egyptian bride killed 48 hours after wedding

An Egyptian bride, commonly known as Tanta bride, was killed 48 hours after her wedding in a shocking crime.

Many media outlets said that Aya al-Shibini, 18, was killed for refusing to have sex with her husband on the first day of marriage. However, her mother confirmed that al-Shibini’s groom asked her daughter to perform inappropriate sexual moves and he stabbed her to death when she refused.

The bride’s mother added, in statements with the “Cairo 24” website: “I asked my daughter for patience as she was at the beginning of her marriage.”

Egyptian media said that the husband confessed to stabbing his wife several times to death 48 hours after marriage after she refused to have sex with him and claimed that she accused him of being impotence.

The victim’s family said that al-Shibini was found inside her home covered in blood, with several stab wounds, and her husband fled the house the victim’s family arrived.

Witnesses and neighbors said that the bride and her husband were heard arguing overnight. Following the crime, the husband was arrested by the police and confessed to carrying out the crime.

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