Eat lamb, not beef, says Turkey minister as food prices soar

Turkey’s top economic official has come up with a novel suggestion to address persistent food inflation: eat more lamb.

Treasury & Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati advised citizens to switch up their eating habits, highlighting that lamb is cheaper than beef and better suited to Turkey’s geography.

Turkey’s taste buds have evolved, he said, adding that young people have developed a distaste for lamb due to its smell.

“Lamb is cheaper than beef, but it’s not favored, the minister said in an interview on Haber Global TV late Tuesday. Lamb consumption should be encouraged, he added.

In addition to consumers, surging meat prices have also become a headache for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of May 14 elections.

Beef prices jumped by 20 percent in March from the previous month, extending double-digit growth from the previous two months. The central bank has cited red meat and processed meat products as the primary reasons behind food price increases.

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