Dubai Police unveil new strict traffic fines for motorists who flout the law

Motorists who break the rules of the road in Dubai face hefty fines of up to $27,228 (Dh100,000) under a string of new traffic regulations brought in across the emirate.

Dubai Police have warned drivers that they will catch and fine drivers under the traffic rules, which came into effect on July 6, which have been introduced to curb the number of dangerous driving incidents and reduce the traffic death rate in the emirate.

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police, said the new rules support the push towards preserving lives, adding that the amendments target “reckless drivers”.

Dubai Police recorded 164 fatalities from 2019-2022 due to over speeding, reckless driving, serious traffic violations, and jumping red lights.

The changes in the new decree-law include a stringent penalty for releasing impounded vehicles and an additional penalty for impounding vehicles for new violations committed by drivers who endanger their lives and the lives of others by participating in races, performing stunts, causing chaos, deliberately jumping red traffic lights, and driving with fake or no license plates.

Brigadier Juma bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Department of Traffic, explained the new amendments to the law concern vehicle impoundment, which cover 13 types of violations.

Motorists who jump red lights, drive with fake or obscured number plates, deliberately collide with police cars, allow individuals under 18 to drive vehicles or gather to watch or participate in illegal races all face paying up to $13,610 (Dh50,000) to have their impounded car released.

Motorists who drive without license plates, gather to watch or participate in disorderly crowding around races or vehicle stunts on the road, or exceed the permissible tinting limit for vehicle windows can expect to pay up to $2,720 (Dh10,000) to have their impounded car released.

Brigadier Bin Suwaidan stated that the other grounds for impounding vehicles include “participating in road races without prior permission from the police”, with a $2,720 (Dh10,000). Additional violations include “riding recreational motorcycles on paved roads” and “recklessly driving in a way that endangers lives, property, and public safety in the Emirate”. The fines for these two offences are set at $13,610 (Dh50,000) each.

The fine for the violation of “making fundamental changes to the vehicle that result in an increase in the set speed or noise during operation or driving” and the offence of “escaping from the police” amount to $2,720 (Dh10,000) each.

Drivers will also have to fork out for traffic fines which have to be paid on top of the new fees, which have been introduced solely to release cars that have been impounded for traffic offences.

Dubai Police are running a seven-week awareness campaign to educate the public about the new rules and the consequences of dangerous driving.

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