Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 3: The end of an iconic role

Denzel Washington’s latest film, “Equalizer 3,” could potentially be the conclusion of his iconic role as Robert McCall. 

The movie has already made a strong showing at the box office, and while a spinoff or prequel isn’t ruled out, director Antoine Fuqua sees this as the trilogy’s endpoint.

Washington and Fuqua’s collaborative bond, forged since “Training Day,” has been integral to the series’ success. “Equalizer 3” features McCall defending an Italian town against a mafia family, highlighting Washington’s dedication to demanding action roles.

Despite age-related challenges, Fuqua emphasizes that there’s little Washington can’t do when it comes to performing his character’s demanding stunts.

With Equalizer 3 currently in theaters, it remains to be seen whether this marks the end of Robert McCall’s legendary run.

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