CZN Burak shares video from hospital

Turkish chef Burak Özdemir, commonly known as CZN Burak, posted a video from the hospital on Sunday night with fans worried about his health.

Many people were making allegations that he might had another fight with his father whom earlier he accused of selling the rights to use his name to a foreign businessman without his knowledge.

However, the Turkish chef reassured his fans that he is okay and is not facing major illness. He wrote a caption on the video: “Eyes. Thank God I’m fine I had a little bit of discomfort from my gallbladder.”

CZN Burak maintained: “Love you all” while receiving dozens of comments from his fans who wished him a speedy recovery.

CZN Burak owns the Hatay Civilizations Table, Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası in Turkish, a chain of restaurants, that consists of five branches: Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler and overseas branches in Dubai, Dushanbe, and Doha.

CZN Burak’s dispute with father

In July, the Turkish chef was reportedly said to open a lawsuit against his father İsmail Özdemir who attempted to commit fraud against his son, and allegedly wanted to steal everything he owns and exploit his son’s name.

After a tit-for-tat, İsmail confirmed solving the problem with son CZN Burak where he said: “I reconciled with Burak. And our story has become universal.”

He further maintained: “We solved 50% of the issue between us, and hopefully in two weeks we will hold a press conference to announce our official reconciliation, our story has become universal, and everyone wants our feud to end.”

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