Crystal series: what’s going to happen based on the Turkish version? Fay and Jawad will separate!

Crystal series events are heating up!

Crystal series is the Arabic version of the Turkish dramatic series Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), starring Mahmoud Nasr, Pamela El Kik, Stephanie Atala and Anjo Rihane.

The show is very popular and has a high viewership. The audience is always eagerly awaiting the next episodes, especially the relationship between Dr. Jawad, played by Mahmoud Nasr, and Fay, played by Stephanie Atala.

Usually, with regard to Arab drama adapted from Turkish shows, the audience rushes to search for the original version to know the upcoming events and the series finale.

In this article,we’ll reveal to you a number of upcoming events of Crystal series based on the Turkish version.

Details of expected events based on the Turkish version

Alia “Pamela Al Kik” causes the death of Fay’s father, played by Lebanese artist Nazem Issa.

Here, Fay decides to take revenge by marrying Alia’s brother, Basil, played by Khaled Shabat.

Before Basil, Fay was in a relationship with Dr. Jawad, the former lover of Alia, and this relationship has led to her pregnancy, but she loses the fetus after Alia throws her down the stairs.

According to the Turkish version, it later becomes clear that Alia is the daughter of the housekeeper, Rehab, played by Rula Hamada. It also turns out that Alia is the sister of both Fay and her siblings.

In the end, Fay inherits Alia’s fortune after Basil’s death and expels the latter from the palace in revenge for her father.

Crystal series is shown on MBC and

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