Comedian Kevin Hart performs his first show in Saudi Arabia

Superstar comedian Kevin Hart performed his first show in Saudi Arabia on Saturday evening, at Riyadh’s Mohammed Abdo Arena.

The diminutive funnyman was in the Saudi capital as part of a Middle East tour which included shows in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

It was part of Hart’s Reality Check world tour and was held in the capital’s Boulevard Riyadh City.

Tickets started at $32.65 (122 riyals) and went all the way up to $2025 (7,564 riyals).

The Jumanji star recently canceled an appearance in Cairo which R Productions, who were organizing the Egypt portion of the tour, said was due to “local logistical issues.”

However, the cancelation came amid controversy on social media over a quotation attributed to Hart suggesting that he believed ancient Egyptian rulers were black Africans.

The quotation was published by several regional news outlets and attributed to a past interview. However, the exact source of the quotation is unclear.

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