Chinese chess community shocked by cheating scandal

The realm of Chinese chess community has been left in disarray as rumors of dishonesty and scandal surround the recent crowning of a national champion. The celebration of victory quickly turned sour for 48 years old Yan Chenglong when he was stripped of his title after a shocking incident during a victory celebration, where he was alleged to have defecated in a hotel bathtub.

Xiangqi, also known as Chinese chess, has been a beloved game for centuries across Asia. Yan Chenglong triumphed over numerous contenders to claim the prestigious “Xiangqi King” title at a national tournament organized by the Chinese Xiangqi Association (CXA).

Chinese chess

However, Yan’s moment of elation was short-lived as the CXA declared on Monday his revocation of the title due to his display of “extremely bad character,” leading to the confiscation of his prize money. Furthermore, the association was compelled to address online rumors suggesting Yan cheated during the competition by utilizing wireless transmitters hidden within anal beads.

Reports circulating on the Chinese social site Weibo allege that Yan communicated chessboard information in a coded manner through rhythmic clenches and unclenches, which in turn sent instructions for moves back to him in the form of vibrations via a computer. The CXA acknowledged these speculations but stated an inability to substantiate the cheating allegations.

Chinese chess

Nevertheless, Yan faced severe consequences for his actions during the victory celebration. In an official statement, the association revealed that Yan had consumed alcohol with others and subsequently defecated in the hotel bathtub assigned to him. This act not only damaged hotel property but also violated public order, good morals, and negatively impacted the reputation of the Xiangqi competition.

While the exact amount of prize money forfeited by Yan remains undisclosed, Xiangqi tournaments often offer winners substantial amounts of money. The CXA had previously used social media to congratulate Yan and the other players in the Chinese chess community for their remarkable gameplay during the high-stakes event.

As the fallout continues, discussions surrounding fair play and sportsmanship has gained momentum in the Chinese chess community.

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