Chechen front to confuse Russia

Multiple media reports resulted in news of opposition meetings among the Ukrainian forces as well as increased security, military and financial support to Ukraine.

It seems that this step is to spite the experienced faction that the Chechen state sent to fight on the side of Russia and achieved progress and victories in all the battles it fought. It is thanks to him that he took control of several cities, regions and fronts along the borders with Russia. This step also comes as a Western attempt to put pressure on advanced Russia in the Ukrainian battle despite the great Western pumping of the Ukrainian army, and the attempt now to reopen a loophole in Russian politics and preoccupy it by reopening the Chechen file and returning to the time of the two wars that ended decades ago. Western countries are working to revive a dead idea related to establishing a Chechen state as an alternative to the list, although information and reports confirm the unwillingness of Chechen citizens to reopen war files and return to battles under a clear political, economic and security framework. stability. Islamic principles are present in the system of government in the existing Chechen state, as well as the Chechen economy is witnessing good growth, especially after the revival of productive projects and capabilities in the country, its reconstruction, and the improvement of the political and even tourism situation.

However, the hard-line positions of President Ramzan Kadyrov have prompted the West to search for elements that oppose the ruling Chechen regime, to influence internal public opinion in the country and prevent a strong card in the battle that the Kremlin possesses.

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