Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benjamin Netanyahu and company

Andrew Mitrovica

Andrew Mitrovica

Save for humane Ireland and Scotland, most Western diplomatic corps, including the banal dilettantes who staff Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and beyond, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Benjamin Netanyahu and racist company.

In the four weeks since the Israeli prime minister began the wholesale destruction of Gaza, Canada’s emissaries – big and small – have been preoccupied with Israel’s interests at the expense of Canadians they purport to serve at home and abroad.

Worse, several furtive and suddenly mute “media relations” hirelings have refused to answer detailed questions about whether Canada agreed to haul an untold number of Israeli reservists back to Israel on Canadian military aircraft, so they could, presumably, join in the genocide of Palestinians as well as the horror being endured by hundreds of besieged Canadians, who, since October 7, have tried to escape the murderous madness engulfing Gaza.

Canada’s glaring complicity with an apartheid state committing crimes against humanity rather than attending to the dire circumstances of Palestinians – including Canadians of Palestinian descent, such as Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish – rests with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who in a predictable, performative act of empty “solidarity” met recently with Palestinian Canadians in Toronto while his rank diplomats were gladly doing Israel’s bidding.

What a stain and disgrace.

More than a week ago, I provided Trudeau’s charges with a series of questions concerning the likelihood that – apart from his administration’s rhetorical backing of Israel’s killing machine – Canada had, at taxpayer’s expense, flown Israeli soldiers (reservists) to Tel Aviv as a “courtesy” to Netanyahu and racist company.

Before I decipher how Trudeau’s equally cynical minions responded to my queries, it is instructive to set out the broader context, which reveals Canada’s absolute subservience to Israel’s needs and genocidal designs.

My interest was piqued after I watched an October 13 press conference featuring two Canadian diplomats and a senior military officer in which the latter acknowledged that Canada had agreed to a “request from the state of Israel through Global Affairs Canada” to “action” the return of as many as 30 Israeli citizens from Athens to Tel Aviv on two flights on Canadian military planes.

My interest was further piqued when the vice admiral was asked if the returning Israelis were “reservists”. This was his curious reply: “I don’t have the details, information on who they were. It was a request from the state of Israel which we got through Global Affairs Canada. We certainly actioned that.”

Of course, obedient Canada “actioned that”.

Still, in other words, the vice admiral said: Sure, our special Israeli passengers may or may not have been soldiers, but it wasn’t our call. We just did what we were told to do because Israel told Global Affairs Canada what it wanted it to do and tout de suite.

At the same time, much of Canada’s prostrate media published glowing profiles of Israeli Canadian reservists already in Israel or itching to “report for duty in the Israeli military” and “go out and fight”.

The propriety, let alone the legality, of Canadians suiting swiftly up with a foreign government’s military potentially to maim or kill Canadians in occupied Gaza and the West Bank was never raised or considered by giddy reporters and editors blinded, as always, by their unequivocal approval of Israel’s “right to defend itself” no matter the thorny ethical, moral or legal consequences.

It’s called the “establishment press” for good and ample reason.

On merry cue, they rushed to anoint a pretend socialist turned the Liberal Party’s in-house Jeeves – Canadian UN envoy, Bob Rae – a hero for delivering a historically illiterate screed blaming Iran and its proxies for the destruction of Gaza that could well have been written, verbatim, by his dear, grateful friends in the Israeli delegation.

Given his grovelling quest for honorary Israeli citizenship, Rae would, no doubt, have little if any trouble with his busy colleagues at Global Affairs Canada shouting, “Aye, aye, sir!” when Israel came calling for help to get its “citizens” home before they shepherded to safety traumatised Canadians stranded in the shattered remains of the dystopian hell known as Gaza.

So did Canada enable Israeli soldiers (reservists) to join the “war” on Gaza?

Here is the short, circumspect written reply I received four days later from Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Pierre Cuguen: “At the request of Israel, assisted departure flights between Tel Aviv and Athens transported 36 Israeli nationals back to Israel, including a surgeon and diplomats. … None were explicitly reservists or military personnel.”

Please note Cuguen’s use of the weasel word: “explicitly”, which is nowhere near a firm denial despite another Global Affairs spokesperson telling me: “I’m sure we do know who they [the Israelis] are.”

Translation: Global Affairs Canada did not ask, nor did it care, whether the 36 “Israeli nationals” it flew back to Tel Aviv were soldiers and, happily, they did not tell.

I asked Global Affairs Canada to confirm or deny that it had, in effect, adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy towards repatriating Israeli “reservists”.

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