Calls to cancel Saad Lamjarred concert in Lebanon amid rape accusations

Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred is the talk of social media as Arab users are demanding his cancellation and boycott amid the announcement of his recent concert in Lebanon. 

Forum de Beirut announced the concert by Saad Lamjarred, which will be held next April in Lebanon, sponsored by MTV and ONE TV. This left social media users surprised by how the singer still didn’t suffer any consequences or condemnation of the rape accusations against him.

Calls to cancel Saad Lamjarred concert in Lebanon amid rape accusations

The matter led to the comeback of the trending hashtag #Lebanon_Does_Not_Welcome_Saad_Lamjarred as posters across the country were put up and said “Don’t normalize a rapist”. The accusations first started in 2019 which led to the singer being convicted in France and sentenced to six years in prison.

The first concert after he was let go also took place in Lebanon on New Year’s Eve, according to several users and Arab feminists, Saad’s career has not suffered one bit since the accusations and it shows since his music still receives a plethora of views and has ongoing concerts coming for him like this one. His most popular songs include “Lamallem” which garnered more than a billion views and “Ensay.”

Aside from Lebanon, Saad Lamjarred also performed concerts in other Arab countries such as UAE and Egypt.

It’s still unclear if calls of cancellation and the trendy hashtag will affect the concert or not, but many people across social media are hoping that’s the case.

An example of another banner being put up across Lebanon that says the same statement mentioned above:

Saad Lamjarred

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