Burak Özçivit documents his trip to Egypt

Burak Özçivit shared with his 24.4 million followers a series of pictures from his trip to Egypt.

On Saturday, Turkish actor Burak Özçivit shared pictures documenting his trip to Egypt, including a visit to the Pyramids.

It is rumored that Özçivit’s trip to Egypt comes as a part of a movie shooting he is involved in, but the actor did not share any details.

Other sources claim that the actor went to Egypt to film a commercial for one of the Egyptian companies.

His first post in Egypt was his trip to the pyramids, where he donned a black suit and sunglasses, and captioned the post: “#egypt🇪🇬 Shooting Day…”

 Burak Özçivit

The other snap featured him in a shooting location in Egypt, in what appeared to be a mansion and Özçivit also donned a black suit while going down lavish royal stairs with a red carpet.

Currently, the Turkish actor is filming the fifth season of his series, Ottoman, and the upcoming new season is set to be released in the upcoming months.

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