Burak Deniz appears nude in new post

Burak Deniz caused controversy as he appeared almost fully naked in a new social media post. 

A picture of Turkish star, Burak Deniz showed the actor almost fully naked, Deniz only sported boxers and socks, with one leg up a chair, gazing through a window, and smoking a cigarette.

The picture quickly trended on social media. Fans praised the actor’s fit body and muscles while others expressed that sharing this photo on social media might be inappropriate.

And it appeared that the photo that trended is a snap from behind the scenes of Deniz’s new series Shahmaran.

Shahmaran is a 2023 sci-fi Turkish series, it tells the story of a girl named Şahsu, as she seeks to confront her grandfather about leaving her mother.

But, soon enough, Şahsu finds herself in the middle of a legend.

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