Boy gives Jordan King Abdullah a letter, what’s in it?

 A little boy has become the main talk of the Jordanian community after he handed over a letter to the Jordanian King Abdullah II during the pre-wedding feast of Crown Prince Hussein on Wednesday.

A small boy in Amman, who was participating in one of the Dabkeh shows at the special event that hosted about 4,000 people at Madareb Bani Hashem to celebrate upcoming wedding of Jordan Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Al Saif, has been the talk of the internet and made everyone curious.

What’s in the letter?

Many people have debated on the internet the possible message that the little boy gave to the king. And what made people more curious is that King Abdullah took the paper and put it inside his pocket.

Some people claimed that paper that the little boy handed to the king contained a congratulating letter to the King and Queen Rania on the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein.

On the other hand, others reportedly said that the letter has a request from the young boy to the king but he didn’t want to tell him in public so he gave him the letter.

In fact, no one knows what is in the letter that was given to King Abdullah by the little boy, but people have been questioning the context of the letter on the internet.

Jordanians are excited today to celebrate the wedding of Prince Hussein and Rajwa Al Saif at the Jordanian Capital Amman with the attendance of many royals and world leaders including the first lady of the United States Jill Biden.

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