Books for children that support homosexuality in Egypt

A video has been circulating in the past few hours showing a bookstore in the Sheikh Zayed area in October, displaying books for sale supporting homosexuality for children. 

The video shared online has sparked anger among users on social media platforms.

The attack on the bookstore began after the Egyptian blogger Youssra Kandil
shared a video clip on her official Instagram account, in which she warned parents about the discovery of three books supporting sexual diversity for children.

Yusra revealed that all the books she identified on the shelves of the bookstore contain stories about non-traditional families composed of two men or two women.

The bookstore announced that it had removed the controversial books, and their sale was not intentional, as the management was not aware of the content of those books intended for children.

The bookstore expressed gratitude to social media users for bringing attention to this matter.

The books were promptly removed from the bookstore after the salesperson was notified by the management.

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