Best days to cut hair to encourage growth in January 2024

Are you longing for a haircut that not only keeps your hair looking fantastic but also encourages its growth and vitality? Look no further, as we unveil the lunar calendar’s best days for haircutting in January (2024)


 Understanding Lunar Hair Cutting:

Lunar hair cutting, rooted in ancient traditions, operates on the belief that the moon’s phases influence hair growth. Two key lunar phases are considered opportune for cutting hair: the waxing moon and the full moon. The waxing moon, representing growth and abundance, is believed to stimulate hair growth and strengthen its roots.

Best Days in January (2024)

January 6-12 (Waxing Crescent):

The first week of January presents an ideal opportunity for a trim to encourage growth. As the moon transitions from new to crescent, its energy promotes vitality and strength in hair.

January 17-23 (First Quarter to Full Moon):

The period leading up to the full moon is considered highly auspicious for hair cutting. This phase is believed to amplify the hair’s ability to absorb nutrients and moisture, fostering improved growth.

January 28-31 (Waxing Crescent):

As the month draws to a close, the waxing crescent moon returns, offering another chance to trim your hair for optimal growth. This period is associated with renewing energy and promoting thickness.

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