Belarus reviews border security with Wagner fighters amid Polish, Ukrainian concerns

Belarus reviewed on Monday its borders security protocols with Wagner fighters amid concerns by neighboring Poland and Ukraine of an impending attack by the mercenary group.

The Belarusian minister of interior Ivan Kubrakov met Wagner commanders at a training center where they developed a “clear plan of action,” the Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) reported.

“In view of the difficult situation near the borders of the republic, it is especially important to be prepared to respond to possible challenges and threats,” Kubrakov said.

He added: “The practical experience of PMC representatives, which the fighters are already adopting, is of great importance, because ensuring security and law and order, protecting their native land are the undeniable priorities of everyone who wears shoulder straps.”

Wagner fighters have been training Belarusian special forces on the border with Poland.

The Polish defense minister had decided over the weekend to move Polish military units to the eastern area of the country due to the Wagner mercenary group’s presence in Belarus and its joint exercises with Belarusian soldiers, state-run news agency PAP reported.

Also, Ukraine said it was bolstering its northern border defenses to make it “impassable” for enemy forces as Kyiv cautiously eyes the presence of Wagner forces in Belarus.

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