Audio recording of moment gunfire was directed at Layan Hamadeh in Gaza

A recorded voice message of the 15-year-old girl, Layan Hamadeh, circulated on social media while she was contacting the Palestine Red Crescent Society team for rescue from inside a vehicle targeted by the tanks of the Israeli occupation in the city of Gaza. 

Audio recording of the moment gunfire was directed at 15-year-old Layan Hamadeh while she was speaking on the phone with the Palestine Red Crescent team.

Layan was killed, and 6-year-old Hind remained trapped inside the car surrounded by the occupation tanks and soldiers. PRC team went to rescue her yesterday evening, but they have not returned as of now.

Palestine Red Crescent Society team have provided a distressing update, stating, “As of now, contact with the ambulance team that embarked on a mission yesterday to rescue the 6-year-old girl Hind Rajab is still missing.

We still do not know their fate and whether they succeeded in evacuating her or not.”

Expressing deep concern for the safety of the ambulance team, the Red Crescent highlighted the urgency of the situation. The 6-year-old Hind has been trapped since yesterday with six body from her family, the victims of an unfortunate incident where occupation soldiers opened fire on them.

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