Ariana Grande’s brother is officially Italian

Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie Grande is officially a proud Italian citizen. 

Youtube personality and American dancer Frankie Grande just announced that he and his mom, Joan Grande are now proud Italian citizens.

Grande announced the news on his official Instagram page as he shared a series of pictures alongside his mom with their new Italian passports.

He captioned the post: ” I’ve been waiting for this moment for soooo long… I am officially an Italian citizen.”

Grande continued: “I’m so proud of my mother Joan Grande and myself for finally securing these Italian passports!! We are now dual citizens. I love Italy so much and I can’t wait to dive even further into the culture and my heritage!! What a huge moment for us.. and to get to share it with my mother… priceless.”

He went on to express how emotional he is by saying that he is “crying happy tears.”

It is still unclear if his sister, Ariana Grande got her citizenship too or not.

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